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Where is Aesthetics By Morg located?

St. George, Utah! My clinic is located inside St. George Salon Studios above Steamroller Copies on the boulevard. 67 E St. George Blvd, Unit 2, Suite 209, St. George UT 84770.

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Where do I start my skincare journey?

Whether you are a virtual client or an in-clinic client, always start with a consultation. This way we can get you on a customized skincare regimen and create a treatment plan. I will set expectations and we will decide together how we want to move forward. We will discuss many recommendations and other things in depth that will help you achieve your skincare goals!

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How much does a skincare regimen cost?

It varies per client and I always try to work with your budget but a complete regimen can cost around $300-$500. Again, we can build slow if we need to and you don't always need to start with everything all at once.


Can I use your products or receive treatments while pregnant?

Yes! I have many options for all my soon to be mommas out there that are completely safe for you and your baby. I will ask you to get cleared by your doctor for different treatments and products before beginning. 


Can you treat me if I have sensitive skin?

Absolutely. "Sensitive" skin is most likely reactive skin. I have different tools to treat even the most sensitized or reactive skin conditions with great success. 

Have Other Questions?

Aesthetics by Morg is a place dedicated to healing the skin as well as the mind and soul by connecting with each client that enters the treatment room. Your care and satisfaction are very important to me! Use the contact form to ask any other questions you may have.